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Nomad Consulting Services

Full consulting support for individuals and companies including immigration, relocating or starting a business, legal and financial services.


Financial security is a priority at Nomad Consulting. We help you across a variety of financial services, especially in credit consultation.

Whether you're in need of opening a reliable savings or checking account, investing in the stock market, establishing valuable retirement plans, securing dependable insurance policies, seeking expert income tax management or even obtaining financing in the U.S.A.—at Nomad Consulting, we assist you in all your financial concerns.

We provide many business-related issues to help you with your company in the U.S.

Are you in need of corporate card insurance? What about company incorporation? Rest assured we take care of everything. We also cover U.S.-based business development, staffing, accounting, and finding health benefits for your employees. Furthermore, we can even setting up a virtual office with mail forward and professional answering service.

We are here to help you with everything you need to make your company effective and competitive in the American marketplace.

Our expert team provides industry insight and sharp negotiating skills to find ideal real estate choices for you and your company.

We guarantee the best for you when it comes to purchasing private residential property, as well as office or other non-residential commercial dwellings.

Space to occupy and luxurious means of travel are top of mind at Nomad Consulting. We strive to arrange leasing agreements across a spectrum of vehicles and spaces so you can live, work and flourish in the finest comfort.

Traveling and working in style is imperative, so whether you are leasing private yachts to entertain clients, colleagues or family in the United States, or in need of luxury cars with which to travel, our leasing services go above and beyond what other companies offer, including rental of space in marine ports and airports as well as private jets.

Particularly when moving a successful business or company to the United States, top tier legal counsel and services are crucial. We offer a wide catalog of legal services on topics of U.S. immigration, taxation and corporate. We also cover accounting and audit issues, as well as real estate and even insurance. We know the laws and regulations in the United States very well, making us your sole provider when it comes to legal assistance
We take education seriously at Nomad Consulting, so we aim to pair you, your family and colleagues with the best institutions, courses and opportunities available.

Whether you are seeking elite college or university application assistance or aid in arranging private tuition payments to some of the top schools in the United States, we see to it that you find the optimal educational experiences a city, region and country has to offer.

Your luxurious comfort and genuine satisfaction is an obligation which we take seriously at Nomad Consulting, which is why our concierge services are not just an added bonus, but a necessity to help you function optimally in your busy, productive and high-end lifestyle.

Whether it's arranging high-end lodging and hotel accommodation or ensuring the finest upscale residential housing, our concierge services are here to serve you.

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